Deep clean service supports clients with complex needs.

RDNS New Zealand
An innovative deep clean service supporting clients with complex needs who are affected by squalor and hoarding has been pioneered by RDNS New Zealand.

CEO Carmel Conaghan said the service was developed to support better health outcomes and safe service delivery for people living in situations that may be cramped, unsanitary and pest-infested.
RDNS New Zealand is now delivering deep cleans each week, working with health and social agencies, funding bodies and other providers to achieve the best client outcomes.
“A person who lives in a home where they are affected by squalor or hoarding may encounter risks including increased risk of falls, being injured or trapped by falling items, fire hazards, nutritional issues like diabetes or obesity, conflict with family and neighbours, loneliness and social isolation,” Ms Conaghan said.
“The deep clean service redresses unsafe and unsanitary home environments using a responsive, flexible and restorative approach.
“Some of the issues service providers can encounter with these clients include refusal of services because of embarrassment or associated mental health issues, refusal to deliver services because of unsafe environments and increased public health costs due to delayed hospital discharge and compromised rehabilitation outcomes.”
She said client focus was essential to the process, so clients are involved and closely supported throughout.
Highly trained team members assess the issues involved with unsanitary, pest-infected or unsafe home environments and address them by building trust and rapport.
Ms Conaghan said the deep clean service had proven “life changing”, enabling people to return home safely following hospitalisation instead of being placed into aged residential care facilities, preventing evictions and improving opportunities for better health, rehabilitation and social outcomes.
The service includes co-ordinating with clients, families, specialist services and other agencies, follow-up support and debriefing.
In some cases, ongoing quarterly or six-monthly deep cleans may be required.
For more information phone 0800 736 769 or head to our contact us page

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