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18.03.2019 | RDNS NZ

Enabling independence a passion for Joseph

Enabling people from New Zealand to Myanmar and Australia’s remote outback to live as independently as possible has been a focus for newly-appointed Auckland Clinical Manager Joseph Rood.

17.04.2018 | RDNS New Zealand

Joe's Story: Spinal Rehabilitation

Joe De Thierry was 44 when he was hospitalised with a C3-C4 spinal injury that resulted in incomplete tetraplegia, meaning he lost the ability to move his limbs.

30.12.2015 | RDNS New Zealand

6 factors to positive ageing: learn

Our brains benefit when we learn something new, and studies have shown that higher levels of mental activity are associated with reduced risk of cognitive decline and dementia...

12.12.2015 | RDNS New Zealand

6 factors to positive ageing: move

Moving every day impacts our fitness, strength, balance and flexibility. Research shows us that exercise significantly improves quality of sleep and helps us feel more alert during the day...

20.07.2015 | RDNS New Zealand

Mary's Story: 100 Reasons to Turn the Tables

Some days, centenarian Mrs Mary Francis manages to turn the tables on her RDNS support workers.By the time they arrive to help her she has made her bed, washed up and ensured her little unit is spick and span.

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